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CO call offer (ISDN) (EN)
CO capacity optimization (EN)
CO carbonmonoxide (EN)
CO central office (USA) (EN)
CO common output (EN)
CO communication outlet (EN)
CO connection oriented (EN)
CO control outlet (home cabling) (EN)
COA certificate of authorization (drone) (EN)
COA collaboration oriented architecture (Jericho Forum) (EN)
COA cloud oriented architecture (EN)
CoA care of address (mobile IP) (EN)
COADM configurable OADM (optical network) (EN)
COAM customer owned and maintained equipment (EN)
CoAP constrained application protocol (EN)
COAST cache on a stick (EN)
COAX coaxial cable (EN)
CoB chip on board (package) (EN)
CoBiT control objectives for information and related technology (EN)
COBO consortium for on-board optics (GbE) (EN)
COBOL common business oriented language (EN)
cobot collaborative robot (EN)
COBRA consultative, objective, and bi-functional risk analysis (EN)
COBS connection oriented broadband services (EN)
CoC chip on chip (EN)
CoC cluster on chip (EN)
COC convention over control (programming) (EN)
COCF connection oriented convergence function (DQDB) (EN)
COCOMO constructive cost model (EN)
COD connection oriented data (ATM) (EN)
COD camera object detection (automotive) (EN)
CoD capacity on demand (EN)
CoD cost of delay (EN)
CoD content on demand (EN)
CODASYL conference on data system languages (DB) (EN)
CODEC coder-decoder (EN)
COE central office equipment (EN)
CoE CANopen over Ethernet (EN)
COE common operating environment (EN)
CoF chip on flex (EN)
COF collaboration oriented framework (EN)
COF ciphering offset number (Bluetooth security) (EN)
COFDM coded orthogonal frequency division multiplex (Modulation) (EN)
COFF common object file format (.NET) (EN)
CoG center of gravity (drone) (EN)
COG centralized ordering group (EN)
CoG chip on glass (package) (EN)
COH connection overhead (EN)
COI connection-oriented interconnection (EN)
CoIP communications over Internet protocol (EN)
CoIP conferencing over Internet protocol (EN)
CoIx connectivity-oriented interconnection (NGN) (EN)
COL connected line identification (EN)
COL computer oriented language (EN)
COLD computer output on laser disk (WORM) (EN)
COLD corporate owned, locked down (EN)
COLP connected line identification presentation (ISDN) (EN)
COLR connected line identification restriction (ISDN) (EN)
CoM computer on module (EN)
COM common object model (EN)
COM continuation of message (EN)
COM component object model (DOC) (EN)
COM communication (EN)
COM call connected (control character) (EN)
COM computer output on microfilm (EN)
CoM continuation of message (ATM) (EN)
COM channel operation margin (802.3bj) (EN)
COMe COM express (EN)
CoMP coordinated multi-point (LTE) (EN)
COMPUSEC computer security (EN)
COMSAT communication satellites corporation (satellite comm.) (EN)
COMSEC communication security (EN)
CON concentrator (EN)
CON console (EN)
CON connect message (GSM) (EN)
CONEX connectivity exchange (EN)
CONF confirmation (OSI) (EN)
CONF conference call (ISDN, GSM) (EN)
CONF configuration failure (OOS) (EN)
Conn connector (EN)
CONP connected name indentification presentation (ISDN) (EN)
CONP connection oriented network protocol (OSI) (EN)
CONR connected name identification restriction (EN)
CONS connection oriented network service (EN)
COO cell of origin (location) (EN)
COO chief operating officer (EN)
COOP continuity of operations plan (security) (EN)
COOS commanded OOS (EN)
COP context oriented programming (EN)
COP common on chip (test) (EN)
CoP community of practice (SAFe) (EN)
COP character oriented protocol (EN)
COPA child online protection act (EN)
COPE corporate owned, personally enabled (CyoD) (EN)
COPP certified output protection protocol (copy protection) (EN)
COPS common open policy service (EN)
COPSK coded octal phase shift keying (Modulation) (EN)
COQ cost of quality (PM) (EN)
COR technical corrigendum (EN)
CORBA common object request broker architecture (OMG) (EN)
CoRE constrained RESTful environment (EN)
CORNET corporate ISDN network protocol (EN)
CORS cross-origin resource sharing (HTTP) (EN)
COS capacity-optimized storage (EN)
COS corporation for open systems (EN)
COS communication operating system (EN)
CoS class of service (EN)
COS card operating system (EN)
COSE common open software environment (EN)
COSE council of system engineers (EN)
COSE common object system environment (EN)
COSEM companion specification for energy metering (smart meter) (EN)
COSINE cooperation for OSI networking in Europe (EN)
COSO committee of sponsoring organizations of the treadway commission (EN)
COSPAS-SARSAT search and rescue satellite aided tracking (GPS, Galileo) (EN)
COSS common object service specification (CORBA) (EN)
COT capacity-optimized transport (EN)
COT constant on-time (EN)
COT chip on tape (EN)
COT class of traffic character (EN)
COT continuity message (EN)
COT central office terminal (EN)
COT continuity test (SS7) (EN)
COTM circuit oriented transfer mode (EN)
COTP connection-oriented transport protocol (OSI) (EN)
COTS commercial off-the-shelf (EN)
COTS connection oriented transport service (OSI) (EN)
CoU class of usage (Tetra) (EN)
COW cluster of workstations (EN)
CoW copy on write (backup) (EN)