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IC identification code (E.164) (EN)
IC input controller (EN)
IC interaction channel (EN)
IC interconnection (EN)
IC interrupt controller (EN)
IC integrated circuit (EN)
IC-CPD in-cable control and protection device (electro car) (EN)
IC3 Internet crime complaint center (EN)
ICA isotropic conducting adhesive (PCB) (EN)
ICA independent computing architecture (Citrix) (EN)
ICA intelligent console architecture (EN)
ICA integrated call attempts (EN)
ICA integrated communications adapter (EN)
ICA international communications association (EN)
ICA intelligent communication adaptor (EN)
ICAID industry connections activity initiation document (IEEE) (EN)
ICAN individual customer access network (EN)
ICANN Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers (EN)
ICAO international civil aviation organization (EN)
ICAP Internet content adaption protocol (EN)
ICAP Internet calendar access protocol (EN)
ICB incoming calls barred (EN)
ICB interlock code block (EN)
ICC intelligent communications control (EN)
ICC integrated circuit card (Smartcard) (EN)
ICC international color consortium (EN)
ICC inter-carrier compnesation (BNG) (EN)
ICC integration competency center (EN)
ICCB in-cable control box (charging system) (EN)
ICCD intensified CCD (EN)
ICCID integrated circuit card identifier (EN)
ICCS integrated communications cabling system (EN)
ICD international code designator (OSI) (EN)
ICD installable client driver (graphics driver) (EN)
ICD intelligent call distribution (EN)
ICDM interactive communication data management (EN)
ICE intelligent concept extraction (search engine) (EN)
ICE Internet chat exchange (EN)
ICE in-circuit emulator (EN)
ICE internal combustion engine (automotive) (EN)
ICE image correction & enhancement (EN)
ICE information and content exchange (EN)
ICE in-car entertainment (EN)
ICE immediate concurrent execution (XMT) (EN)
ICE in case of emergency (EN)
ICEM integrated circuit electromagnetic compatibility model (EN)
ICEV internal combustion engine vehicle (automotive) (EN)
ICF information conversion function (EN)
ICFG internetwork coordination functional group (MPOA, ATM) (EN)
ICFS Internet content filtering service (CSM) (EN)
ICH I/O controller hub (southbridge) (EN)
ICI inter-cell interference (EN)
ICI intercarrier interface (EN)
ICI interface control information (OSI) (EN)
ICIC inter-cell interference coordination (LTE-A) (EN)
ICIP inter carrier interface protocol (EN)
ICL inrush current limiter (NTC) (EN)
ICL inter chassis link (data center) (EN)
ICLAS intracavity laser absorption spectroscopy (EN)
ICM indicator control message (EN)
ICM intelligent call management (EN)
ICM incoming message (telephony) (EN)
IcM incident management (recovery) (EN)
ICM image color matching (Microsoft) (EN)
ICM interactive communications management (EN)
ICM integrated connector module (PSE) (EN)
ICMB intelligent chassis management bus (IPMI) (EN)
iCMOS industrial CMOS (EN)
ICMP Internet control message protocol (TCP/IP) (EN)
ICMPv6 Internet control message protocol version 6 (EN)
ICN information centric networking (CCN) (EN)
ICN information and communication network (EN)
ICN integrated crosstalk noise (EN)
ICN integrated computer network (EN)
ICNIRP international commission for non-ionising radiation protection (immission) (EN)
ICO intermediate circular orbit (satellite comm.) (EN)
ICOM integrated ComSec (EN)
ICOMP initiative for a competitive online marketplace (EN)
ICP Internet control protocol (Vines) (EN)
ICP IMA control protocol (ATM) (EN)
ICP internal communication protocol (MDB) (EN)
ICP integrated communications provider (EN)
ICP Internet content provider (EN)
ICP intertask communication protocol (EN)
ICP Internet cache protocol (EN)
ICP Internet commerce provider (EN)
ICP inherently conductive polymer (OLED) (EN)
ICQ I seek you (IM) (EN)
ICR initial cell rate (ATM) (EN)
ICR intelligent character recognition (OCR) (EN)
ICRA Internet content rating association (EN)
ICRL indirect certificate revocation list (EN)
ICS implementation conformance statement (EN)
ICS Internet connector service (Microsoft) (EN)
ICS ingress control switch (OT) (EN)
ICS ITS central station (C2X) (EN)
ICS international classification of standards (EN)
ICS IBM cabling system (EN)
ICS Internet connection sharing (EN)
ICS industrial control system (EN)
ICSA international computer security association (EN)
ICSP in-circuit programming (EN)
ICT information and communications technology (EN)
ICT in circuit test (EN)
ICU intelligent cryptographic unit (security) (EN)
ICUG international closed user group (EN)
ICV initial chaining value (smartcard) (EN)
ICV integrity check value (WLAN) (EN)
ICW interrupted continuous wave (on-off) (EN)
ICW Internet call waiting (EN)