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MKS-Einheitensystem meter, kilogram, second
MKV-Format Matroska video
MLF-Package micro lead frame (package)
MLP-Kompression meridian lossless packing (DVD)
MLP-Package micro leadframe package
MLP-Protokoll mobile location protocol (location)
MLR-Laufwerk multichannel linear recording
MLT-Codierung multi level transmission
MMAP-Profil multimedia access profile (DECT)
MMC-Micro-Karte MMC micro
MMCIP-Protokoll media manager control interface protocol
MMCX-Stecker micro-miniature coaxial connector
MMFM-Verfahren modified modified frequency modulation
MMIP-Protokoll media manager interchange protocol
MMJ-Stecker modular molded jack (DEC)
MMP-Protokoll media management protocol
MMRP-Protokoll multiple MAC registration protocol (SPB)
MMS43-Code modified monitored sum 43 (4B/3T)
Mnemonic mnemonic
MNP-Protokolle microcom networking protocol (Modem)
MO-Disc magneto optical disc
MO-Laufwerk magnetic optical drive
Mobilbox mobile mailbox
Mobile App mobile app
Mobile App Store mobile application store
Mobile Backhaul mobile backhaul
Mobile Computing mobile computing
Mobile Daten mobile data
Mobile Datenkommunikation mobile datacommunication
Mobile Endgeräte mobile terminal (GPRS)
Mobile Nummernportabilität mobile number portability (mobile com)
Mobile PKI mobile PKI
Mobile Transaktionsnummer mobile transaction number
Mobile-Browser mobile browser
Mobile-CRM mobile customer relationship management
Mobile-Device-Management mobile device management
Mobile-Entry mobile entry
Mobile-IP mobile IP
Mobile-Marketing mobile marketing
Mobile-Shopping mobile shopping
Mobile-Tagging mobile tagging
Mobile-Ticketing mobile ticketing
Mobile-WiMAX mobile WiMAX
Mobiler Hotspot mobile hotspot
Mobiler Knoten mobile node (mobile IP)
Mobiler Teilnehmer mobile user
Mobiler Teilnehmer mobile subscriber (mobile communications)
Mobiles Breitband mobile broadband
Mobiles Breitbandsystem mobile broadband system (mobile communications)
Mobiles Internet mobile Internet
Mobiles Rechenzentrum mobile data center
Mobiles Unterhaltungsgerät mobile entertainment terminal (PMP)
Mobilfernsehen mobile TV
Mobilfunk mobile radio
Mobilfunklandeskennzahl mobile country code (mobile communications)
Mobilfunknetz mobile radio network
Mobilfunknetzbetreiber mobile network operator
Mobilfunknetzkennzahl mobile network code (mobile communications)
Mobilfunkvermittlungsstelle mobile switching center (mobile communications)
Mobilgerät mobile equipment
Mobility DisplayPort mobility displayport
Mobility-as-a-Service mobility as a service
Mobilkommunikation mobile communications
Mobilspeicher mobile memory
Mobilstation mobile station (mobile communications)
Mobilteil portable unit (CT)
Mobiltelefonie mobile telephony
Mock-Objekt mock object
Modacom-Dienst Modacom service
Modacom-Standard Modacom standard
Modding modding
Model-in-the-Loop model in the loop (test)
Modelbasierte Systemtechnik model-based systems engineering
Modelbasiertes Ingenieurwesen model-based engineering
Modell-Ansicht-Steuerung model view controller
Modellgetriebene Architektur model driven architecture
Modellgetriebene Software-Entwicklung model driven software development
Modelltransformation model transformation
Moden mode
Modenbandbreite effective modal bandwidth (OM)
Modendispersion modal dispersion
Modenverwirbelungskammer mode-stirred chamber
Moderator moderator
Modifizierte differenzielle Phasenumtastung modified differential phase shift keying (Modulation)
MODS-Disc multiplexed optical data storage
Modular-Steckverbinder modular jack
Modularer Multilevel-Umrichter modular multilevel converter (power electric)
Modulation modulation
Modulationscode modulation code
Modulationsgrad modulation degree
Modulationsindex modulation index
Modulationstransferfunktion modulation transfer function (picture processing)
Modulationsverfahren modulation techniques
Modulator modulator
Modulator/Demodulator modulator/demodulator
Module-I/O module I/O
Modulo modulo
Moiré moiré
Molex-Stecker Moles plug
Momentaufnahme snapshot
Monitor monitor
Monitoring monitoring
Monitoring-as-a-Service monitoring as a ervice (cloud computing)
Monkeys Audio monkeys audio
Monochrom monochrome
Monolithisch monolithic
Monomodefaser single mode fiber
Monophon monophone
Mooresches Gesetz Moores law
MoR-Switch middle of row (data center)
Morphing morphing
Morse-Code morse code
MOS-Feldeffekttransistor metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
MOS-Kondensator MOS capacitor
MOS-Technologie metal oxide semiconductor (Chip)
MOS-Wert mean opinion score (speech encoding)
Mosaic Mosaic
MOSPF-Protokoll multicast OSPF (Routing)
MOST-Bus media oriented system transport (fieldbus)
MOST-Übertragungsprotokoll MOST transmission protocol
MOT-Protokoll multimedia object transfer protocol
Motorsteuereinheit engine control unit (automotive)
Mouse-Move-Banner mouse move banner
Mouse-Over mouse over
Mousetrapping mousetrapping
Mowgli-Protokoll Mowgli data channel protocol
MOX-Widerstand metal oxide (resistor)
Mozilla Mozilla