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µ chip

The Mu-Chip or µ-Chip is an extremely small chip that is used as a passive RFID chip. It is the size of a grain of dust and belongs to the Smart Dust.

Passive RFID chips operate without their own power supply and can be used in the identification of goods, products, systems and living beings. They draw their energy from the RFID reader via a radio link at 2.4 GHz as soon as they come into its vicinity.

Mu-Chips as Smart Dust from Hitachi

Mu-Chips as Smart Dust from Hitachi

For tagging goods, equipment and products, Mu-Chips work with UCODE 7, a 128-bit code that can be used to represent `3.4* 10^38` different combinations. Since RFID tags are relatively sensitive, they can be detected even from long distances. Such a UCODE can serve as a unique identifier and include the RFID, the bar code or matrix code.

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