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1 bit converter

As the designation 1-bit converter already indicates, corresponding converters only work with a single bit that can assume the values "0" or "1".

1-bit converters form the analog-to- digital conversion ofsigma-delta converters. In order to achieve high resolutions at all, the sampling frequency of 1-bit converters is many times higher than that of multi-bit converters. After that, a resolution of 16 bits, with a sixteen times higher sampling rate can be realized.

Principle of 1-bit delta modulation

Principle of 1-bit delta modulation

With the 1-bit converter, the A/D conversion merely marks the level differences from one sample to the next. If a sample value is higher than the previous one, a digital "1" is indicated; if the level continues to rise, the following sample value is also a "1". Only when the level is falling, a "0" is displayed instead of the "1".

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