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480 lines

Standard Definition Television(SDTV) has 480 visible lines. This TV standard is used in the USA and Japan and is based on analog NTSC. The total line count of 525 lines is derived from the visible lines and the vertical blanking interval of 45 lines, of which 22 are in the first field and 23 in the second.

The 480 resolution has 720 visible pixels per line, for a total of 858 pixels with the horizontal blanking.

The 576 line count is often specified as 480i, 480p, or 480psF with the addition of "i," "p," or psF. 480i stands for interlacing, i.e. the interlaced method with two fields. The frame rate commonly used in the USA and Japan is appended as a digit: 480i/29.97 or 480i/60. This is a picture in Standard Definition Television (SDTV).

480p stands for progressive technology, in which the image is displayed continuously line by line. It is an Enhanced Definition Television( EDTV) picture with 720 x 480 pixels.

Standard Definition Television (SDTV) with 480 visible lines.

Standard Definition Television (SDTV) with 480 visible lines.

480psF stands for Progressive Segmented Frame (psF), it is another television standard for progressive scanning. In contrast to normal progressive scan, it works with two vertical blanking intervals.

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