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AirPlay is a streaming protocol from Apple and is suitable for wireless streaming of screen content between devices with Apple's Mac OS X and iOS operating systems.

AirPlay became the successor to AirTunes in June 2010, which allowed audio content from the iTunes music software to be streamed over a WLAN or wired local area network( LAN) to end devices such as AirPort Express or Apple TV. Since then, AirPlay has allowed content to be streamed to AirPlay-enabled receivers such as speakers, AV receivers, stereo systems and TVs.

AirPlay streams music, videos and photos from Apple Macintosh and iOS-based devices to other devices. It can also transfer the current screen content to display websites or video games on other devices. Due to its lossless transmission, AirPlay also enables high-quality playback in high fidelity( HiFi). AirPlay can also be licensed to other manufacturers for installation in their speakers or HiFi systems.

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