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Android Wear

Android Wear is a variant of Google's open-source Android operating system. Introduced in early 2014, Android Wear is primarily suited for smart wearables, i.e. wearable items equipped with computer functions, such as smart wristbands, smartwatches and data glasses.

Smart devices and smart clothes equipped with Android Wear process input from sensors and show the results in real time on a display, including wellness or fitness data such as the wearer's speed and distance traveled. Weather data, the traffic situation and news can also be displayed; chats are also possible, and the map material from Google Maps is to be retrievable. Searches can be started or multimedia files selected via voice input.

The tools for developers allow sensors to be built into wearable electronic devices, Internet-enabled watches or clothing. Products include smartwatches or smart wristbands with sensor technology for sports or medical purposes. An application programming interface( API) enables adaptations to existing apps for Android.

End devices with Android Wear include smartwatches and fitness wristbands. LG and Motorola were among the first manufacturers of smartwatches with Android Wear.

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