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CMG connector

Since the RJ45 connector can only be used to a limited extent for the new Link Class F, with transmission properties up to 600 MHz, various new data connectors for balanced cables have been developed that meet these requirements without restriction.

The CMG connector system from Telesafe, Norway, is such a plug/ socket combination that fulfills the properties of category 7, as well as link class F. In this connector system, with which transmissions up to frequencies of 1 GHz can be realized, the paired arrangement of the connector pins and the socket contacts should be mentioned as a design feature. The most important transmission parameters of the CMG connector are: Near End Crosstalk( NEXT) at 200 MHz of 82 dB, at 600 MHz of 73 dB and at 1 GHz of 66 dB. The return loss is 32 dB (200 MHz), 22 dB (600 MHz) and 15 dB (1 GHz). The attenuation values specified for the three frequencies are 0.1 dB, 0.2 dB and 0.3 dB.

The CMG connector is available in various constructive designs, such as for direct cable connection, in angled design and for installation in data sockets and patch panels.

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