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DVD video

DVD-Video is a variant of DVD-ROM on which digital video is recorded in compressed form. The standard specifies MPEG-2 for compressing the video, which allows up to 2 hours of video with high display quality to be stored on just one DVD-5.

Compression with MPEG-2 is necessary because the standardized frame rate of the digital video standard is 167 Mbps, which would allow only a few minutes of uncompressed video to be stored on a DVD.

With MPEG-1, which the standard also provides for, a display quality of VHS video can be achieved. In addition to video recording, DVD-Video provides eight independent audio tracks for multichannel transmissions or multilingual recordings. In addition, the standard provides 32 tracks for image insertions, such as subtitles, graphics or notes. In addition to fast forward and rewind, slow motion and freeze frame playback, DVD-Video allows seamless branching to other film locations and random access to film scenes and time positions.

DVD-Video sound data

DVD-Video sound data

In order to protect market and copyright aspects, DVD-Video is provided with a country code. Playback requires DVD drives to accept this country code.

The data volume of a film can be stored on a DVD-Video. Content subject to copyright protection is encrypted using the Content ScramblingSystem( CSS). Playback is via MPEG-2 with compression rates of 1:200. DVD Book B contains the specifications for video and defines the possible software applications.

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