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European home systems (EHS)

The European Home System (EHS) specifications deal with the way electronic and electrical home appliances can communicate with each other. The development was initiated back in 1987 by leading manufacturers of white goods, brown goods and telecommunications equipment. The EHS specifications have been confirmed in the Eureka and Esprit projects.

To enable a wide variety of electrical and electronic devices to communicate with each other, the European Home System specifications are based on the OSI reference model. Such a home network must be open, easily expandable and future-oriented. According to the specifications, an EHS network can be designed in line or ring topology, it can have up to 256 devices/line and has a data rate of 64 kbit/s. TP cables and the power supply cables with Powerline can be used as transmission media.

Specifications of the European Home System (EHS)

Specifications of the European Home System (EHS)

In order to define the functional requirements for the applications and the way the EHS system presents itself to the user, the application layer of the OSI reference model must be included. On the other hand, it must be ensured that the data transfer between the stations and the system terminals is error-free and reliable, which requires the inclusion of the lower layers.

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