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Fax service

Fax services are telecommunications services provided by fax servers for sending and receiving faxes. The service offering concerns the reception and sending of documents, the storage and logging of activities in a log file, and the storage and management of addresses in the fax directory.

As far as fax reception is concerned, it can be immediate or, in the case of fax-on-demand, fax-on-demand. This mode of operation corresponds to fax polling, where the recipient can automatically retrieve documents that have been made available to him. Other fax services related to fax reception are fax forwarding and fax remote forwarding, both of which ensure that the fax is forwarded to another fax machine. Also, fax storage, which provides remote access to stored faxes.

As far as sending faxes is concerned, it can be immediate or delayed. The latter mode has the advantage that faxes can be transmitted at night at cheaper rates. In addition, it is possible to send faxes as a broadcast to a group address or as a serial fax with an individual address and salutation.

Other service functions include the administration and storage of fax addresses and the logging of received and sent faxes with fax number, date, time, status and page number in a log file.

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