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FinFETs belong to the group of Multiple Gate Field Effect Transistors(MuGFET), a group of field effect transistors with multiple gates, a technology that was lead developed by IBM and Motorola. The FinFET is a double-gate field-effect transistor( FET) whose name (Fin) is derived from the fin-like silicon structure of the source-drain region.

In the FinFET, the carrier channel is completely surrounded by the gate and rises vertically from the silicon substrate. This three-dimensional structure allows the transistors to be assembled more closely than planar transistors, and the gate electrodes can act more effectively on the carrier channel.

Structure of the double-gate FET, FinFET

Structure of the double-gate FET, FinFET

Because the gate electrode directly affects the charge channel, FinFETs have extremely short switching times, higher processing power and good frequency response. They also have the advantage of requiring less power, being more temperature insensitive, utilizing the active substrate area more efficiently, having lower noise and smaller leakage currents compared to planar technology, which has significant advantages in memory cells. In addition, they are not unstable.

FinFETs have a gate oxide thickness and gate length of about 10 nm and can be fabricated using CMOS technology. They are used for SRAMs and in logics of microprocessors, among others, which can be realized extremely small. Meanwhile there are FinFETs in 22 nm structure.

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