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FlexRay frame

FlexRay is an automotivefieldbus used in safety-critical systems. The signals are transmitted in the FlexRay data frame, which consists of the header, the payload and the trailer.

The header consists of a 5-bit wide status field, the data fields for the Identification Number( ID), for the length of the user data, the cyclic block check(CRC) and the number of cycles. The 11 bit long CRC field secures the three data fields in front of it with a Hamming distance of six.

Data frame of FlexRay

Data frame of FlexRay

The ID number identifies the entire FlexRay frame, it corresponds to a time slot in the static or dynamic segment. In the status field the functions of the frame are specified exactly. The header is followed by the payload with the user data. The payload field is variable and can contain up to 254 bytes of payload data.

The following trailer secures the contents of the header and the payload with a 24-bit CRC field.

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