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ISO/SAE 21434

ISO/ SAE standard 21434 is a security standard against cyberattacks in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems( ADAS) of motor vehicles. It affects both motor vehicles with driver assistance systems and sensor electronics.

The vehicle electronics and driving behavior of motor vehicles can be affected by targeted attacks and forced to misbehave. The interconnected Electronic Control Units( ECU) and sensor electronics provide sufficient points of attack through which the entire control electronics can be manipulated. Hacker attacks can only be limited by technical measures such as filtering of images and other technical measures.

To improve cyber security in vehicles, ISO and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) are working on corresponding security standards, which are specified under ISO-SAE 21434. The risk assessments proceed similarly to the ISO 26262 standard, namely with the evaluation of the threat potential and the resulting measures. The ISO/SAE 21434 standard is more specific about electronic systems, sensors, electronic components and control systems, and also covers the supply chain for the components.


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