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Internet access

Access stands for entry, access or penetration. On the Internet, access is associated with Internet access. This refers to the physical connection of a computer to the Internet, for which there are a wide variety of technical solutions.

Internet access is provided by Internet Service Providers( ISP) and Internet Access Providers( IAP), and the solutions are as diverse as the network concepts in the connection area. These include wireline solutions via existing fixed networks, via the various DSL methods and via broadband cable networks. But wireless radio technologies via Enhanced Data Service for GSM Evolution( EDGE), UMTS, High Speed Packet Access( HSPA), WiMAX and via Long Term Evolution( LTE) are also offered. There are also connection options via satellite radio.

The decisive factors for Internet access are the connection parameters and primarily the data rates for downstream and upstream. This applies equally to all connection technologies: For DSL methods, cable distribution networks, mobile communications technologies and satellite radio.

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