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IrDA transport protocol (IrTP)

The IrDA layer model essentially consists of three layers that control connection establishment and data transmission.

There is the IrDA Link Access Protocol( IrLAP) for establishing and terminating connections, the IrDA Link Management Protocol( IrLMP) based on it, and the services and transport protocols based on it, such as the IrDA Tiny Transport Protocol( IrTTP) or the IrDA Transport Protocol (IrTP). The IrTP protocol can transmit multiple data streams over an infrared link in multiplex mode. In this mode, the data is segmented and reassembled on the receiving side.

Protocol stack of IrDA

Protocol stack of IrDA

With the IrTP protocol, the data streams for different services can be transmitted simultaneously and the services can be executed at the same time. For example, a print job could be transmitted simultaneously with a file transfer over the infrared link.

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