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LAN manager (LM)

LAN Manager(LM) is a network operating system from Microsoft that runs under OS/2 on the server side. The client PCs can work with the Disc Operating System( DOS), Windows, OS/2 or Unix. The OS/2 LAN Manager supports the sharing of disks and printers connected to the server. Furthermore, the OS/2 LAN Manager takes advantage of the multitasking capability and the extended memory area available under OS/2.

One of the advantages that the OS/2 LAN Manager offers to the user and software developer are the possibilities of user communication and information exchange between processes that can run "distributed" on the local area network (LAN). Two basic mechanisms are available: The "Named Pipes" and the "Mail Slots".

Structure of the LAN Manager

Structure of the LAN Manager

The Named Pipes are mainly used for remote inter- process communication. They allow simplex and duplex communication and extend the functions of the "normal" pipes under OS/2 by allowing them to be used both locally and remotely. An unnamed pipe is also known from DOS, but only related to the local environment. The basis of the LAN Manager and its functionality is the multitasking extension for the Redirector. The Redirector is the component of a net operating system, which can decide whether an operating system function can be realized locally, i.e. with the resources of the own system, or whether other resources, attainable over the net, must be consulted. The redirector must therefore be able to realize quasi-parallel access to several servers from several tasks. The conceptually most important extension is the Remote Procedure Call( RPC), an extremely powerful concept from the mainframe and workstation world for supporting distributed applications, which is made available here for the first time on a broad front for the PC environment.

The LAN Manager differs from the LAN Server in the communication interfaces to the System Application Architecture( SAA).

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