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MP4 data format (MP4)

MP4 is a multimedia container format for MPEG-4 files. In such a container format, different multimedia streams can be combined in a single file, such as audio and video.

The most popular multimedia container formats are MP4, Audio Video Interleave( AVI), MPEG, Matroska, and Quicktime. MP4 is the container format defined and standardized by MPEG. It can be used for streaming and supports a wide variety of multimedia content such as video, audio, images, 2D and 3D animations, chapter descriptions, subtitles, interactive applications, DVD-likemenus and more. To generate an MP4 file, audio and video file formats based on MPEG-4 are used such as XivD, DivX, Nero Digital, Advanced Audio Coding( AAC), H.264/ AVC, Quicktime, MP3, CELP, TwinVQ and others. These video and audio files are combined into the MP4 container using appropriate tools like mp4creator or" 3ivx mp4 muxer" and many others. So are other graphic files, the chapter descriptions and the subtitles.

Only the file extension provides information about the multimedia content of an MP4 container. Thus, the file extension *.m4v stands for MPEG4 video streams, *.m4a is audio with AAC compression, *.m4b stands for audio books and *.m4r for ringtones.

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