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Netscape navigator

Netscape Navigator makes it possible to quickly and conveniently retrieve HTML documents from servers, fill out formsonline, read and reply to e-mail and Netnews, retrieve files from FTP servers and go shopping in online stores. Characteristics of the Netscape Navigator are - besides the basic web browser function, i.e. the support of the HypertextMarkup Language (HTML) language definition and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol( HTTP) - the support of HTML forms, which allow input into HTML documents, the integration of an e-mail frontend, which is suitable for reading as well as writing and sending e-mail, and the availability for a wide range of different computer and operating system platforms.

Thus the Netscape navigator supports beside usual operating systems like Windows 3.1x. Windows 95, Windows- NT or Mac OS X from System 7 onwards, a large number of Unix derivatives such as Aix, BSD/OS, Digital-Unix, HP- UX, Linux, Solaris or Sun-OS. In addition, Netscape Navigator 2.01 offers support for Java applications on almost all supported platforms.

If the browser is not able to display the desired documents itself, as is the case for example with multimedia documents with sound or music support or with Postscript documents, it offers the possibility via the Preferences menu itemto integrate small plug-ins and to define "helper" applications that enable the display of the corresponding file or the sound playback.

For example, Adobe offers Acrobat Reader for use with Netscape Navigator. Other companies are working on sound and multimedia extensions for the Netscape navigator and offer these on the Internet partly free of charge or as evaluation software. In addition to the pure browser capabilities of the navigator, the integrated e-mail and netnews interface is also of great importance to the user. Thus the user can determine whether he wants to follow a certain topic, thread, or not. He can put the read e-mail in a recycle bin, which he can delete later, he can compress the mail directory, create an address book and define aliases for his communication partners and he can send e-mail directly from the mail directory. The system resource requirements of Netscape Navigator 2.01 depend on the platform.

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