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Ogg Vorbis

Ogg Vorbis is an open, non-proprietary royalty-free audio compression for the transmission of high-quality audio. Ogg Vorbis, developed by, features very good sound quality at a bit rate of 80 kbit/s. This is also considered good and satisfactory, respectively, at lower bit rates of 64 kbit/s and 48 kbit/s. The frequency range is still above 15 kHz at the low bit rate. The compression ratio is comparable to those of other audio codecs and is about 95% depending on the bitrate. In total, Ogg supports up to 200 audio channels.

Ogg Vorbis can only be played with the Ogg Vorbis player, OggDrop, and is supported by the WinAmp player from version 2.8. Ogg Vorbis is designed for variable bit rates( VBR), ranging from 16 kbit/s to 128 kbit/s per channel. However, it can also work with constant bit rates( CBR) of up to 500 kbit/s. Quantization is 16 bits and higher. The compression is done by a modified discrete cosine transform( DCT). Vorbis offers no framing, no synchronization and no error protection.

Due to the continuous development of the audio codec, Ogg Vorbis can also convince at low bit rates of 48 kbit/s. Various tests have made it clear that the audio codec delivers excellent quality in quiet passages; but its strong sound volume only comes into its own at 80 kbit/s. The sound quality of the Ogg Vorbis codecs is divided into twelve quality levels from q-1 to q10. Ogg Vorbis positions itself in comparison to MPEG-4AAC, aacPlus, TwinVQ, MP3, mp3pro and WindowsMedia Audio(WMA). Ogg Vorbis files have the extension *.ogg.

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