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Omega is a Greek letter used in electronics in upper and lower case. Capital omega 'omega' is used for the ohm, the unit for resistance, and lower case omega 'omega' for the angular frequency.

In addition, the letter Omega was used for a global radio navigation system, and furthermore, a European research project has the name Omega.

  1. Omega was a global radio navigation system for tracking and navigation. It was developed for the US Navy and used in aircraft and ship navigation. It operated with eight terrestrial transmitters located around the world and special receiving equipment. Coordinate information was calculated from the phase differences of high-precision time-related signals. Nevertheless, the Omega system had a positioning accuracy of only several kilometers. Omega operated in the VLF band between 10 kHz and 14 kHz and used the ground wave for transmission. The signals transmitted in time-sharing have frequencies of 10.2 kHz, 11.05 kHz, 11.33 kHz, and 13.6 kHz. Since the transmission is coordinated with Coordinated Universal Time( UTC), it also serves as a time reference.
  2. OMEGA is also the name given to a European research project for a gigabit home network. The technical approaches for this ultra- broadband home network range from radio LANs to Powerline to wired networks and infrared LANs to Visible Light Communication( VLC), in which the light from LED ceiling lights is modulated. Data rates of 800 Mbit/s were already achieved with this technology in 2011.
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