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Pascal (Pa)

Pascal is a higher-level, problem-oriented programming language named after the French mathematician Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), based on Algol 60 and developed by the Swiss Niklaus Wirth. In addition, Pascal is the unit for sound pressure.

Pascal was introduced in 1968 as a teaching language for technical-scientific use, but is used in practice in the commercial, administrative and private sectors. The problem-oriented programming language was standardized in a minimal agreement by the International Standards Organization( ISO).

Pascal is a very clear, hierarchically structured programming language that supports structured programming. The best-known Pascal dialect is Turbo Pascal, developed by the Borland company, from which the object-oriented variant Object P ascal later emerged. In turn, the visual software development environmentDelphi is based on Object Pascal.

As far as sound pressure is concerned, one Pascal (Pa) stands for a sound pressure of 94 dBSPL. 94 dB SPL is 94 dB stronger than the human hearing threshold at 1,000 Hertz( Hz).

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