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Pentium II

The Pentium III as the successor of the Pentium Pro operates with clock frequencies between 233 MHz and 440 MHz. The Front Side Bus( FSB) of the Pentium II has a width of 64 bits, the internal data bus is 32 bits wide.

In terms of integration density, it is manufactured in 0.35 µm and 0.25 µm technology and has 7.5 million transistors. The level 1 caches of 2 x 16 KB corresponded to those of the predecessor, whereas the level 2 cache was not integrated on the CPU chip but on an external chip.

The Pentium II uses the architecture of the Pentium Pro and MMX technology. The computing power is 80 MFLOP at a clock rate of 400 MHz. The Pentium II uses socket 7 as the CPU socket.

A special version of the Pentium II for server applications, the Xeon, was equipped with a cache of up to 2 megabytes( MB).

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