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There are several ways to increase the data rate of802.11gWLANs to some 100 Mbps. TGnSync is one of them, WWISE and 802.11n are others.

TGnSync is an IEEE working group whose approach is channel bundling, which aims to increase the data rate of 802.1g WLANs from 54 Mbps to 108 Mbps. This would allow 802.11g WLANs to achieve the data rate of Fast Ethernet.

In addition, the TGnSync concept relies on optimizing the radio technology through beamforming and the most precise possible targeting of the receiver antenna with the data stream intended for it. Thanks to a closed control loop, precision is significantly higher than with Worldwide Spectrum Efficiency (WWISE). In addition, Multiple Input Multiple Output( MIMO) is used to ensure that the antennas are spatially separated from each other to such an extent that a significant phase offset occurs.

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