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Tjänstermännens central organization (TCO)

TCO (Tjänstermännens Central Organization) is a guideline adopted from Sweden for the ergonomics, energy consumption, emission and ecology of monitors. TCO is a guideline and seal of approval for the certification of monitors and addresses the visual, ergonomic and environmental concerns of monitors.

There are several important TCO regulations:

TCO 92 applies to the evaluation of electromagnetic compatibility( EMC), energy utilization and electrical and fire safety. This directive already includes the Display Power Management System( DPMS).

TCO 95 is a global environmental certification. This guideline applies to monitors, keyboards and computers. It builds on TCO 92, but additionally includes environmental compatibility.

TCO mark for TCO 92, TCO 95, TCO 99 and TCO 03

TCO mark for TCO 92, TCO 95, TCO 99 and TCO 03

TCO 99 has even higher ergonomic and environmental requirements for quality certification. The strict TCO 99 has replaced the TCO 95 guidelines and has been used since 1999 for the certification of monitors, TFT and LCD screens, keyboards and personalcomputers(PCs). This includes the ergonomic properties of the monitors, which are evaluated in terms of contrast, lack of flicker, electromagnetic interference, etc.

Limit values for TCO 95 and TCO 99

Limit values for TCO 95 and TCO 99

TCO03, which was adopted in 2002, builds on TCO99 and has more stringent requirements for monitors and screens than the latter. To their height adjustability and recyclability.

TCO06 Media Displays takes account of the increased requirements for the display of moving screen images. It is based on TCO03 and evaluates, among other things, the color cast of grayscales, as well as deviations in color temperature across the screen surface. Furthermore, stricter standards are set for screen illumination, maximum luminance and energy consumption in standby mode. The mechanics of the screen are taken into account in TCO06, as are the digital and video inputs.

With the TCO Displays 5.0 there is a quality seal for displays. This specifies increased luminance and uniform illumination of the screens. The maximum brightness must be at least 200 cd/m2 and it must be possible to dim it to 100 cd/m2 . The deviations in luminance on the display between the brightest and darkest areas must not exceed a ratio of 1.53. This means, for example, that if the darkest area shines at 120 cd/m2, then the brightest must not shine above 180 cd/m2. In addition to these characteristic values, the contrast is also specified, which must be at least 100:1.

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