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a programming language (APL)

A Programming Language(APL) is a higher level, application-oriented programming language of the 3rd generation. The APL programming language is mathematically oriented, it uses special symbols which are not ASCII compliant and therefore has very short notations.

The special symbols can be supported by the keyboard or must be generated by special editors. The APL language works interactively with fields, which are vectors and matrices consisting of numbers and characters, and is used for mathematical and logical calculations in large computers. With the APL programming language, complex tasks can be formulated and calculated relatively briefly.

A Programming Language was developed specifically for time-sharing and is an interpretive programming language, which means that each instruction is interpreted directly rather than when the entire program is completed. It is used especially in scientific, insurance and statistical applications. APL was already developed in the 1960s by the US mathematician K. Iverson.

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