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advanced interactive executive (IBM) (AIX)

Advanced Interactive Executive (AIX) is the name for IBM's Unix operating system. It can be run on UNIX workstations and personalcomputers and is used in heterogeneous networks and on servers.

There are various versions of AIX, currently the most widely used version is AIX 5.x, which supports logical partitioning( LPAR). The following version AIX 6 should support the operating system virtualization. This virtualization technique can reduce the number of operating system images, thus reducing the effort required for their management, updates, patches, etc. In addition, the AIX 6 release allows workload partitions to be moved back and forth between different physical servers without the need to restart applications.

IBM pSeries 620 servers

IBM pSeries 620 servers

AIX 6 runs on all IBM iSeries systems and servers based on the 64-bit Power4, Power5, Power6 and PowerPC 970 series processors.

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