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advanced metering infrastructure (smart metering) (AMI)

Advanced Metering Infrastructure(AMI) refers to advanced consumption metering systems. AMI systems measure, store and analyze the consumption values provided by smartmeters and transmit them to utilities on request.

An AMI system consists of the hardware with the smart meter and Automated Meter Management( AMM), the software for statistics and analysis of the consumption values, and the communication technology with which the values are sent to or received from the utilities.

AMI systems deliver their readings to decentralized Data Aggregation Points( DAP) or directly to the central Meter Data Management( MDM) system. The MDM system can also be accessed by other data sources from third-party applications, metering service providers and other market participants to transmit their data. The transmission technology itself can be wired via Powerline or networks, but also wireless via radio networks. Transmission is bidirectional. PRIME and the G3-PLC protocol are used as transmission techniques. The transmitted data is used by the consumer to change his consumption behavior and by the utility company for their capacity planning.

In general, AMI systems are used for all consumption values, for gas, electricity and water.

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