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advice of charge (ISDN) (AoC)

Advice Of Charge (AoC) is a feature in fixed and mobile networks for transmitting charges during or after the call. The subscriber can retrieve the connection charges incurred during the call.

The rate information can be displayed before the call, AoCS (AoC at Start of Call), during the ongoing call, AoCD (AoC During Call), or at the end of the call duration, AoCE (AoC at End of Call). The terminal converts the units transmitted in the D channel into DM amounts according to the stored charge structure. The individual charges can be recorded centrally at the attendant terminal and displayed according to selected parameters.

Advice of Charge has been standardized by the International Telecommunication Union( ITU-T) under Q.862. The European Computer Manufacturers Association( ECMA) deals with Advice of Charge under ECMA-211. Inanalog telephone networks( PSTN), the connection and call charges are determined via the charge pulse.

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