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Affiliate, which can be translated as to affiliate or ascribe, is an online marketing concept that works with referral commissions. The provider, the merchant, places its online advertising on the website of the intermediary, the affiliate, and pays the affiliate an agreed commission for each contact, pay per impression( PPI), each action, pay per action (PPO), each qualitative contact, pay per lead ( PPL), or each sale concluded, pay per sale ( PPS).

The performance-based marketing concept can also refer to other advertising displays, such as keywords that are stored with the link to the provider, or to newsletters or mail marketing.

The concept can differentiate between the click that leads from the affiliate to the provider, or differentiate between the inquiry or offer and the order. For the product provider it is extremely cost effective, as he only provides the affiliate with the advertising material, which the affiliate places on his web pages.

The affiliate can record the number of clicks, but not whether the prospect has requested a quote or purchased a product. Therefore, affiliate marketing requires a relationship of trust and is only suitable for products in the middle and lower price categories anyway.

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