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The term aggregation is used in various contexts and means something like summary. It can refer to the bundling of transmission lines or channel bundling, but also to trunking, as implemented in Ethernet or in private branch exchanges.

  1. In networks, aggregation is used when several connections are interconnected to form a logical connection for the purpose of performance enhancement, such as increasing data transmission speedor bandwidth.
  2. Aggregation also occurs with protocols. Via this technique, which is used in asynchronous transfer mode( ATM)and Ethernet switching techniques, individual services are combined to form triple-play services for residential customers and Ethernet services for corporate customers.
  3. Inapplication software, aggregation is when several product-specific characteristics such as the name, date of sale, sales figures, etc. are grouped together. In data warehousing, for example, this improves performance and reduces the amount of storage space required.
  4. Data aggregation involves collecting information and expressing it in a summary form, for example, for statistical analysis. General aggregation is about getting more information about a specific target group, such as age, occupation, or income. This information can then be used to display targeted banner ads on a website.
  5. When data is linked in data integration systems, such as in the data warehouse and in business intelligence( BI), this is referred to as the aggregation level. A prerequisite for such linking is knowledge of the aggregation level at which the data sets to be linked are located.
  6. In data center architectures, there is a core layer and an aggregation layer. The latter operates as a service layer for the data center. Among other things, the aggregation layer provides load balancing, performs protection functions and is used as a connection point by switches.
  7. When it comes to data protection in database systems, aggregation makes data content less critical.
  8. Carrier aggregation is about increasing the data rate in mobile networks. In this process, several frequency bands in different frequency ranges are combined with each other. Frequency ranges from different mobile communications technologies such as High Speed Packet Access( HSPA) and Long Term Evolution( LTE) are even aggregated.
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