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airborne Internet (AI)

An Airborne Internet( AI) is a strategic approach in which the nodes are located in aircraft. The Internet concept, which was introduced by NASA as early as 1999, has been revised several times over the years and adapted to the development of the Internet.

The Airborne Internet primarily supports passengers and crew, who can continue to access the Internet during flight and are thus not restricted in their mobility. Other aspects of the Airborne Internet relate to communications, navigation, and surveillance for both commercial and military use. In addition, in the event of war, it would be possible to access a mobile Internet whose infrastructure is airborne. This would simplify the coordination of military combat operations and could continue to be conducted even if ground facilities were destroyed.

There are several different concepts involving manned and unmanned aircraft or drones. These nodes could be used to communicate between flying objects, or air-to-air, or from the flying object to the surface of the earth, or air-to-surface. Passengers could communicate directly with other users or surf the Internet.

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