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  1. The term anchor is used in desktop publishing( DTP), word processing, and web pages to refer to a format code in a document that marks a specific position. For example, the fixed position is used for links to other elements, such as a headline, a graphic, or a hyperlink.
  2. On web pages, an anchor is used to describe a representation of the link within the text or graphic document and also to define the destination of the link. An anchor is a marker within an HTML document that can be used to select a word, phrase, or symbol to hyperlink to another web page or source. The anchor enables web navigation between different web pages. Anchors are often placed before text passages or subheadings; the anchor text corresponds to the link text and is important for search engineranking.
  3. In automation technology, the anchor is the moving part of a magnetic circuit. Such an armature is moved by the magnetic flux. It can be the iron element of a relay, which is activated by magnetic flux and triggers the relay contacts, it can also be a motor armature, which is the rotating inner part of a motor.
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