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audio amplifier

Audio amplifiers amplify audio signals. They are part of the audio chain and are designed for the audio frequency range from 20 Hz to well above 20 kHz.

As far as the audio chain is concerned, this is formed by the sound pickups such as the microphones, the pickups of turntables and CD players, the tuners and the sound influencing and amplifying devices such as mixing consoles or effects units, and the sound reproducing components such as the loudspeakers. This audio chain can consist of microphone preamplifiers, preamplifiers and power amplifiers, among others.

Tube power amplifier, Velleman K 8010

Tube power amplifier, Velleman K 8010

All signal amplifying components belong to audio amplifiers. Like all amplifiers, audio amplifiers are characterized by the corresponding characteristic values such as the gain factor, bandwidth, frequency response, distortion factor or input and output impedance.

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