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Autoloaders are tape systems that are mainly used for automated data backup. They are comparable to tape libraries, but are simpler in design, usually having only one tape drive and only a few cartridges arranged in a carousel-like fashion. Autoloaders are usually not scalable and also do not have a barcode, which facilitates quick recognition in tape libraries.

The autoloader is connected to the server via an Ultra SCSI interface. The individual cartridges are removed from the carousel trays and fed to the tape drive. In the process, the carousel moves forward one position at a time. The tape change takes about 10 seconds.

Autoloader from NEC with 7 to 10 cartridges

Autoloader from NEC with 7 to 10 cartridges

Autoloaders are available for many tape formats, for Linear Tape Open( LTO), Digital Linear Tape ( DLT), Super DLT( SDLT), Digital Audio Tape ( DAT), Advanced Intelligent Tape ( AIT), Super AIT( S-AIT) and Scalable Linear Recording( SLR). They operate very reliably and have mean time between failures( MTBF) of 100,000 hours and more.

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