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ActiveX is a technology with which software components can communicate with each other in a heterogeneous environment. Developed by Microsoft in 1996, ActiveX is based on Object Linking and Embedding( OLE), is browser-dependent and works only with Internet Explorer( IE).

An ActiveX component is a unit of executable code with which objects are made available. The controls of ActiveX are programs and controls that communicate with each other.

ActiveX is suitable as a development tool for rapid program creation with ready-made modules. With this technology, programmers can incorporate reusable software components into their applications and services. Unlike object-oriented programming( OOP), ActiveX ensures that individual objects work together. ActiveX is a technology that defines communication between objects across networks, regardless of the programming language in which it is written. ActiveX components are functionally similar to JavaBeans, but quite different in structure. While Java is a programming language, ActiveX can be written in any programming language such as Java, C++, or Visual Basic. In addition, ActiveX works in many applications, whereas JavaBeans usually runs only on browsers.

It is mainly used in web design for developing interactive elements to make web pages multimedia-ready. With ActiveX, audio, video and animations can be embedded on web pages. For example, ActiveX can be used to develop unified controls in computer-controlled sound systems that work with a wide variety of manufacturer devices without needing to know anything about their internal codes and algorithms.

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