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  1. Bouncing refers to an impact, bounce, or return of a message, such as an email. Bounce e-mails are returned e-mails that are sent back to the e-mail sender because of an incorrect address or because of some other error and are listed in the inbox. Bounce emails are divided into hard bounce and soft bounce. A hard bounce occurs when the recipient's address is invalid, a soft bounce occurs when the inbox is full and cannot accept any more e-mails.
  2. For relays, switches, or keypads, bounce is relay flutter, or the transient and reverberation of a key contact when it is pressed. In the case of keys, switches and relays, bouncing of the switch contacts occurs when they are switched until a fixed switch contact connection is established.
    Bouncing of a relay contact

    Bouncing of a relay contact

    The settling time and bouncing of a relay are in the range of a few milliseconds (ms) and can be suppressed by delay circuits or filters.
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