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broadband wireless access (BWA)

Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) is the IEEE 802.16 working group that deals with wireless access technologies to broadband networks; a technology that is implemented in WiMAX. This technology deals with high-speed transmissions in the microwave range between 2 GHz and 66 GHz.

Specifications of 802.16

Specifications of 802.16

Line-of-sight ( LOS) is required in the range from 10 GHz to 66 GHz; below 10 GHz, non- line-of-sight ( NLOS) transmission is possible. Over these transmission links, transmission rates of up to 134 Mbit/s are defined and distances of up to 60 km, and this even for mobile links that can travel at several 100 km/h. These values are likely to be unrealistic for NLOS technology, to say the least.

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