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burst extended data output DRAM (BEDO-DRAM)

The Burst Extended Data Output DRAM (BEDO-DRAM) is a variant of the EDO- RAM that operates in batch processing with four bursts each, whereby only the last bits with the lowest significance( LSD) are always modified internally.

The bus speed of the BEDO DRAM is between 40 MHz and 66 MHz and thus above the speed of 33 MHz of Fast Page Mode( FPM) or the EDO DRAM. The BEDO DRAM was first introduced in 1995. It can only ever be synchronized with the clock signal of the central processing unit( CPU) for short periods of time ( burst). BEDO DRAMs do not work in conjunction with processors that clock at more than 66 MHz. The burst cycle is 4-1-1.

A BEDO DRAM has 72 pins and an access time of 25 ns. The supply voltage is 5.0 V.

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