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business process management notation (OMG) (BPMN)

Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) is a special notation used in Business Process Management System( BPMS). The notation defined by the Business Process Management Initiative( BPMI) is defined by this organization as follows: Graphical notation for describing business processes. For graphical representation, the BPMN notation uses the Business Process Diagram (BPD).

The focus of BPMN is on the actual notation, whereas semantics is only slightly developed. Users have to develop their own methods for using BPMN. The representation is relatively simple. BPMN uses simple symbols to represent and document business processes and workflows. The representation resembles a flowchart and can be interpreted by managers, analysts and developers alike.

The development of BPMN aimed at closing the interpretation gaps between the different departments of a company. In addition, XML documents for the various business processes can be visualized by the common notation.

The goal of BPMN is to provide a graphical modeling notation that primarily addresses business modelers, but also offers approaches for transferring processes to process automation.

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