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carrier network

A carrier network is a network that is traditionally owned and operated by a telecommunications service provider. It can also be the network of a large company, which the latter operates as a carrier network to improve capacity utilization. Regardless, the carrier network must be approved by the regulatory authority.

Carrier networks cover a relatively large geographical area and have a complex configuration to provide the services offered to customers. They can be used to transport and distribute large amounts of data over long distances. The transmission links can be bridged by microwave, satellite, cable or monomode fiber. Services carried over carrier networks include business, institutional, and residential communications and broadband services; Internet services such as Internet television( IPTV) and Internet telephony( VoIP); satellite and cable television; mobile computing; and telemedicine monitoring and control services.

Carrier networks support the transport of large volumes of data over long distances. Optical networks, metro Ethernet networks, MPLS networks or high-speed networks are available as backbones.

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