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ceramic dual inline package (package) (CDIP)

Ceramic Dual Inline Packages (CDIP) consist of two ceramic parts pressed together and packed into the shape of a dual inline package. The ceramic parts are housed in a hermetically sealed glass container.

CDIP or CerDIP packages are used for A/D converters, Electrically Erasable PROMs( EEPROM), Micro Electro Mechanical System( MEMS), microcontrollers and for analog ICs in military and commercial electronics as well as automotive and telecommunications.

Ceramic DIP, CDIP

Ceramic DIP, CDIP

Ceramic Dual Inline Packages (CDIP) are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes with up to 40 pins; they are characterized by high reliability, are hermetically sealed, can be equipped with a cavity and are suitable for SMT technology.

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