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chain letter

Chain letters use the snowball system to achieve the fastest and highest possible spread. In mail traffic, they are e-mails that are sent to recipients and are structured in such a way that the recipient forwards the e-mail to as many friends as possible.

Each additional recipient of a chain ream is animated to forward the e-mails to many recipients. This principle results in an explosive multiplication of the email in a very short time.

Assuming the originator sends it to ten acquaintances, who in turn send it to ten acquaintances, there are already 100 e-mails in circulation. If the e-mail is sent to ten people a second time, there are already 1,000 e-mails in circulation, and in the following stage there are already 10,000 e-mails.

The recipients must be made to forward the e-mail several times by clever animation. For example, through a raffle, through pity or greed. The goal of chain letters is to get others to participate in sweepstakes or in a monetary action.

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