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The word class is used in information and communication technology when a data type, a service or a component is classified. One uses the word class equally in the wiring and in the software, with amplifiers, services, safety limits and in the object-oriented programming.

  1. In thesoftware one connects with the term class an abstract description of objects.
  2. In cabling, the class is the link class, which is the connection class that is directly determined by the quality of the TP cables.
  3. Comparable to the link class are the OM classes, OS classes and OF classes ofoptical fibers with which they are classified in their transmission properties.
  4. There are various service classes for the classification of telecommunication services. Thus the user classes, fax classes and network service classes, the service classes, QoS classes and call classes.
  5. In automotive technology, the Society of Automotive Engineers( SAE) has specified the requirements for fieldbuses in the SAE classes.
  6. Lasers have been divided into laser classes depending on the radiation intensity and the area of application. The laser classes indicate the potential risk to human health and eyesight.
  7. Amplifiers are used in different applications and are therefore adapted in their circuit design to the corresponding requirements. These different circuit concepts are referred to as amplifier classes and are marked with A, B, AB, C, D, E, F and S.
  8. In the case of multilayer ceramic capacitors, there is the designation EIA Class, which stands for temperature stability and compensation. There are two EIA classes, Class 1 and Class 2, of which Class 1 has the better temperature characteristics.
  9. In object-oriented programming, a class is understood to be the summary of a class definition and the set of objects created according to this scheme, i.e. the set of instances. Since the objects of a class all have the same characteristics, their object behavior is identical. In some object-oriented programming languages, classes are considered as special objects, called class objects.
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