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  1. In general, a click is the sound that occurs when the mouse button is pressed. Such a click triggers a function of a program. Provided that the Curor was set before on the appropriate function, a function or program field, a text or a diagram. Only then can the click trigger the corresponding function, activate the desired program or terminate it.
  2. The word click is used in online advertising as a unit for advertising success. What is meant by this is the clicking of banners. Clicking usually takes the visitor to the offer page, which can be the provider's homepage, a microsite or similar. Only when the clicker has completely loaded the landing page is the click recorded by an ad server and counted as a success. The advertising click rate and the click rate( CTR) have been defined as evaluation criteria for determining advertising efficiency, as have the cost per click ( CPC) or the pay per click ( PPC). This data can be made available to advertisers as proof ofperformance.
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