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click-through rate (Banner) (CTR)

The click-through rate( CTR), click rate, click-through rate or advertising click rate, is used to determine the efficiency of banner advertising.

The CTR rate is the ratio between the number of clicked advertising banners, the ad clicks, and the total number of all visitors to a website who have seen the advertising banner, the ad views or ad impressions. The click-through rate is the ratio between clicks and ad views, expressed as a percentage: ad clicks/ad views x 100 in percent.

Example for determining the click-through rate (CTR)

Example for determining the click-through rate (CTR)

For the advertising industry, the click rate is still an efficiency-determining variable from which the cost per click( CPC) is determined. This key performance indicator( KPI) depends on the type, size, placement and repeat sequence of the banners. Online advertising can be optimized via the banner costs and the click rate.

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