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community commerce

Community commerce is a form of e-commerce. A community is a virtual community of Internet users who exchange information onlinevia chat rooms, forums, weblogs, or social networks such as Facebook. These community members often have the same main interests and/or follow certain unwritten laws or rituals. Interaction with each other is high, as is reliance on recommendations and advice from other members.

Community commerce leverages these strengths of social networks and sells products and services that are attractive to community members. Various elements of community marketing are available for this purpose. One element is recommendation marketing. Here, a member recommends a certain product to other members that he or she has bought and found to be good. Another approach is the analysis of certain preferences of members, based on their comments or entries.

In the context of community marketing, customer-specific product and purchase recommendations are made to customers based on these findings. Community commerce is an increasingly popular form of e-commerce. Compared to other marketing approaches, community marketing keeps wastage low and increases the efficiency of a company's marketing spend.

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