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conférence Européenne des administration des postes (CEPT)

Conférence Européenne des Administration des Postes (CEPT) is the European conference of postal and telecommunications administrations. It was founded in 1959 and developed recommendations for telecommunications, mainly for services and networks, until 1988. Many recommendations developed by CEPT became international standards through CCITT, now the International Telecommunication Union( ITU). With the establishment of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute( ETSI) in 1988, CEPT transferred many of its tasks to ETSI.

The reorganization of the CEPT, which was the result of deregulation in the member countries, was aimed at separating network operators and technical approval bodies. Thereafter, the CEPT continues to assume the tasks for strategic planning and offers interesting working groups for the provision of frequency spectrum in Europe( ERC) and EMC technology, for consumer protection and telecommunications secrecy (ECTRA) with its three subgroups European Radiocommunication Committee (ERC), European Committee on Telecommunications Regulatory Affairs (ECTRA) and Approval Committee for Telecommunications Equipment (ACTE) and in the consulting area with the Approval Committee for Telecommunications (ACTE).

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