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connectivity-oriented interconnection (NGN) (CoIx)

In Next Generation Networks( NGN), there are two types of connection between the third-party networks and the NGN architecture: Service-Oriented Interconnection ( SoIx) and Connectivity-Oriented Interconnection (CoIx).

Connectivity-Oriented Interconnection is the physical and logical connection of network operators and service providers based on the IP protocol, without paying attention to interoperability. Such an IP connection does not pay attention to the specific end-to-end services, which has the consequence that the service-specific network performance, Quality of Services( QoS) or security requirements are not necessarily met.

However, CoIx interconnection also does not preclude some service from supporting its defined level in terms of interoperability. Only Service-Oriented Interconnection (SoIx) ensures that the interoperability criteria are met.

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